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A Precious and Beautiful Truth

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Those who labour to do the will of God are often spiritually insecure. This is because we have great fear of God and recognise that He has all power and the freedom to do whatever He wishes. We are genuinely afraid of falling short and angering God or failing to understand Him correctly and failing to be fully obedient to His will. I know many Christians feel this way, and so do Muslims and others who are devoted to God.

Today, I came across a scripture in the Qur’an that gave me great comfort. I am continually troubled that I could be doing something wrong; that I might have misunderstood something God requires, or be sinning inadvertently in some way. I fervently desire to be saved by God from the fires of hell on Judgment Day, a day which I fully believe will come, God willing.

The scripture that I read is in Surah 51:

I created jinn and mankind only to worship Me

(Surah 51:56)

This is immensely comforting to me! God reveals this absolutely enormous truth in a single sentence. How incredibly reassuring to understand the reason why God created mankind! Philosophers might argue about questions surrounding the origin of the Universe, the meaning of life, and such, but they should take heed: God created us to worship Him, this is the Truth that God has revealed.

I find it both comforting and liberating understanding that this is why God created me. It gives focus to my prayer life, as I can ask God: “How can I worship You as You would like?” It puts my labouring to serve God in the right perspective, and it makes sense of my dreams and ambitions as well. Thanks be to God!