‘An Almighty Predicament’ Audiobook

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Greetings, friends! I hope you are all in good spirits. I just wanted to let you know that my book titled An Almighty Predicament: A Discourse on the Arguments For and Against Christianity is now available as an auto-narrated audiobook. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this technology is at creating relatively life-like audiobooks. Of course, AI narration will never be as good as human narration, but the cost of an auto-narrated audiobook is much cheaper than the alternative.

If you’d like to buy the audiobook (free sample available via the link), you can do so here:

Currently this audiobook is only available through Google Play. If you buy a copy and listen through, please give me your feedback on the listening experience in the comments; I’d love to get your thoughts.

Also, if you’re an author (or interested in becoming an author) and are planning to make audiobooks, I highly recommend this podcast episode for an in-depth discussion of Google’s text-to-speech technology, including some of their plans for the future.

That’s all for now. God bless and peace be with you! 🙏🏻