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Speaking in Tongues

Greetings, friends. I wanted to start a conversation about the Christian practice of speaking in tongues. Several people prayed for me to receive this gift, but I’ve always felt it doesn’t really work. I do wonder whether other people who speak in tongues experience the practice in a different way to me. I always felt I was just speaking gibberish to fit in with other Christians.

Here are a few questions you can answer in the comments, if you like:

  1. When you speak in tongues, do you hear the words clearly in your own language in your mind?
  2. What is the experience of speaking in tongues like for you?
  3. If someone can’t speak in tongues, are they missing out on an important aspect of the Christian faith?

And just to point out, when people prayed for me to speak in tongues I was a very dedicated and evangelical Christian, so I don’t think a ‘weakness of faith’ argument would float.

Will look forward to your thoughts!

9 responses to “Speaking in Tongues”

  1. It can be difficult to understand or experience certain spiritual practices, and it’s natural to wonder about the experiences of others. Speaking in tongues, or glossolalia, is a practice that is found in some branches of Christianity and involves speaking in a language that is not known to the speaker. Some believers interpret this as a form of divine inspiration, while others see it as a way to connect with God or to express prayer in a way that goes beyond the limitations of human language. It’s important to remember that spiritual practices and experiences can vary widely among believers, and it’s not uncommon for people to have different experiences or understandings of these practices. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to find their own path to faith and to explore spiritual practices in a way that feels meaningful and authentic to them.

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    1. Thank you for this thoughtful response


  2. Thank you for this comment, Rebekah


  3. While I personally do not speak in tongues, I have heard it spoken (for real and for fake). The real was edifying and I could tangibly feel the presence of the Creator and the room filled with actual Peace and Joy. Hearing the fake was, as you said, gibberish and flat. There was nothing there, no substance.

    I do not feel as if I am missing out on anything. The Creator gives and takes to whom he wills and for his own purposes. I have other gifts which are clearly from him and of his design. I am thankful for them, because I recognize not everyone has THOSE gifts… we each have own walks. Different gifts, different thorns.

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    1. Wise words, as ever, Tara! Thank you for this.

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  4. I am still having a problem commenting on your blog posts, so I will respond in email again

    *Justin Peters (YouTube) claims that speaking in tongues ended with the Apostles You are wise not to speak gibberish to fit in *

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    1. Thanks Graham, I have heard that view, I think it’s called cessationist?


  5. 1. Speaking in tongues is diversified. When you are born again and baptized in the Holyspirit, you begin to speak in tongues. When you speak this one, you do not have the understanding of what you are saying in your mind. You just speak as you are led. This one is for every believer. No one is left out.
    There’s a gift in the spirit called interpretation of tongues. When you have this, you can speak in tongues and interpret it. You can even interpret someone else’s tongue if they have a message from God. Not every believer has this one.
    2. You don’t feel chills or feel different when speaking in tongues. You are just praying. You can be in the bus or anywhere and speak in tongues quietly. Though sometimes it feels like the Holyspirit takes over you and you can’t just pray quietly or be still.
    3. A believer who doesn’t speak in tongues is missing a whole lot according to the scriptures.

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