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New Beginnings

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Dearest readers, a huge thank you for following. This blog has been a huge part of my life and calling. It has been an invaluable canvas for shaping my thought in matters of philosophy and theology. Your comments and likes have helped me enormously.

I have experienced a kind of shift in my life and I feel I no longer need to do further writing, or to continue to promote my writing. For everything there is a season.

I plan to keep reading the blogs I follow and to engage with many of you that way. You are wonderful people and your interest in my work has meant the world to me.

Everything I have done on this blog has been with the intention of inspiring people to have a deeper relationship with God. I hope my writing has helped some of you.

Sorry for any hard feelings related to comment moderation. I have always tried to protect the blog and to make it a valuable resource for anyone who finds it. My actions have not been perfect, but I have done my best.

The blog will remain online and ad-free until 2025, so if you’re new here, or if you want to revisit older articles, you can do so. And I cannot guarantee I won’t be posting again – life is unpredictable.

A final mention for my books: the three I feel are most insightful are God’s Grand Game, Christianity, Islam, and the One True God, and my four-book compilation Puppets. All of my books are hopefully helpful, but those three are my suggestions should you not want to read my entire output.

Wishing you grace, peace, and mercy from the One True God. Amen.


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