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The Ever-Relenting

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Oh how I need the mercy of God! My life is in tatters. I am so thankful for the steadfast love which He has shown me ever since I repented and gave my life to Him back in 2007. What a crazy journey life is when we follow Jesus!

There are lessons to be learned every day, the wisdom of God is immense. My word for today is temperance. Moderation in all things. Keeping an even keel.

When I prayed for God to perfect my character, I should have expected to be put through the refining fire. But I had no idea how chaotic things would be. God does whatever He will, and

I hold onto the hope that nothing I’ve been through will be wasted. I will come out of this more faithful, more compassionate, and a better person. What am I saying?! I am not a good person in any way, there is none good but God.

My prayer is that every reader of this blog finds peace and joy this year. The sun just came out as I typed, glory be to Him!

His love never fails. Mercy, temperance, and steadfast love be with you all. Amen.


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