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The Absolute Sovereignty of God

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I am a Christian, and I do believe there is only one God and that He is sovereign over the unfolding of all events. Every created being is subject to Him, and He does whatever He pleases.

There can only be one eternal agent, and it’s debatable whether or not Jesus Christ should be understood to have an eternal nature. Was Jesus really fully God?

I do believe it’s possible for a created being to be ‘fully God’, if God chooses to incarnate in a particular being. So I believe Jesus is as the Bible declares Him to be. Can there only ever be one incarnate deity? That’s another question. God is infinitely wise and has existed throughout all ages, after all.

What intrigues me personally is that in the Bible it says Jesus will be seated at the right hand of the Father in the judgement. Does this mean God the Father will have a human form, or is this metaphorical or symbolic language?

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  1. Steven,

    Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. John 1.:3.

    Nothing can create itself.

    The Incarnation is a mystery, but the scriptures are clear that JC is God, a member of the Trinity, and uncreated. The idea that he is not God was addressed at one of the early church councils (I’m not enough of a scholar to tell you its name — Nicea?).


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    1. Thank you, Thomas. I don’t recall which council it was but I think you’re right.

      The concept of creation happening ‘through’ Jesus is interesting. I don’t think I fully understand it. But some things are mysterious, as you point out. God knows! 😃


    2. I suppose if you are a ‘young earth’ creationist, the idea of Jesus being Creator in some way makes sense. But if the universe was created billions of years ago, as many scientists believe, the idea of Jesus as Creator would be harder to understand. Would you agree?


      1. Steven, I think the doctrine is difficult whether you are YEC or OEC. I am OEC. I’m assuming God is past-infinite, which means that if JC is God, he is past-infinite and that makes it a mind-bender either way. But I believe it because I think I have good reasons for believing the Bible to be true, and I think the Bible teaches the Trinity — so I believe it even though it bends my mind. God’s thoughts are above ours; I don’t expect to comprehend everything he does.

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