Man in hospital

Resigned but Hopeful

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This will probably be my last personal post for a while, then back to philosophy and theology.

I saw the consultant today. It was disheartening. Whenever I meet with her we have long chats but make close to no progress. I’ve never had such a difficult relationship with a consultant.

Seeing as there are no other ward doctors with the power to discharge patients, I am resigned to the fact that I could have a lengthy stay here. I am appealing against the admission, so that gives me some hope.

My greatest source of hope is Almighty God, who is above every situation and circumstance. I know I won’t be here for a moment longer than He wills, and He is most merciful.

It has been a very blessed day in very many ways. I have a Bible, a phone, a notebook, and countless other mercies. And a friendly patient who was discharged from the ward a few weeks ago came back today – I’m grateful for his company.

I will press on, doing what I can each day to live in a way worthy of my calling. I am terribly wretched, but the Lord takes thought of me. All glory to Almighty God forever. Amen.


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