Hospital Update

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Above all, I think God puts us in hospital to teach us things, although I question whether we ever really learn anything as we are merely conduits of God’s power. God has all knowledge and all wisdom, we are merely vessels, puppets (or ‘lemmings’ as a friend on the ward quite rightly described us!).

I feel so stupid. Everything I ever do is a mess of mistakes. And yet I know God’s power is made perfect in my weakness, my patheticness. Glory be to Him!

I did see the doctor today. It was relatively cordial and peaceful, not that I ever have any idea what’s going on in any situation. God only knows; I just plead for His mercy.

As I type, I’m sat in the outside area of this ward (a true blessing). The slightly unsightly picture that accompanies this post is of the view from where I’m sitting. I contemplated doing a ‘minimalist hospital room tour’ but there is something abysmally cringeworthy about that idea! Ooh, sunshine ☀️

You know how much I appreciate your interactions so please stay connected and don’t worry too much about me, there’s always light around.

Grace, peace, mercy! 🙏🏻❤️

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