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Hi, I’m Steven. Welcome to my site!

I’m a philosopher and author based in London, England. The title ‘Perfect Chaos’ refers to the idea that while existence is seemingly chaotic, in reality everything unfolds in perfect accordance with the will of God. That’s an idea at the heart of my philosophy, and if you explore some of my posts you’ll come to understand why I believe it to be true and the many implications of this perspective for life and faith.

Take a look around and you’ll find thoughtful reflections on subjects such as free will, suffering, Scripture, the nature of God, and the meaning of life. What qualifies me to write about such subjects is not only that I’ve studied Philosophy and Religion academically, but also that I’ve explored the practices of a wide variety of faith groups in an immersive way.

The way I would like people to regard my body of work is as a tool to assist them with their own spiritual journey. I hope that my immersive explorations of different spiritual paths, and my wrestling with life’s big questions from different viewpoints, will serve others as they grapple with all of the big problems and questions of philosophy and theology for themselves.

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69 Comments on “About

  1. Great stuff Steven. Thanks for stopping in and commenting on my blog. Sorry it to so long to get to your blog. I will subscribe so I can keep up with you.

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    • Many thanks for your comment, Nelson, and for following my blog. It’s good to be linked up! Best wishes, Steven


  2. I am sure I would love to discuss with you but right now I can get passed how cute you are. I shared a link to your book on my facebook page and I will certainly take some time to do some reading here soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You have put a big grin on my face and have made my day! Thanks so much for being so kind and for sharing the link to my book on your Facebook page, I really appreciate it. I’m sure that you and I would have a lot to talk about, comparing our experiences and our views on God and humanity… please stay in touch! Steven x


  3. I am sure that it will be my great pleasure, you remind me of three of my favorite male characters combined. Are you ready? Russel Brand, Adam Ant and Dumbledore or Merlin. LOL Take care. have a happy day. I will share the link to your book around FB.

    Liked by 1 person

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