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  1. I have read some of your posts about Quran, Thank you for sharing these and spending your time for a valuable cause

    A week back i wrote a big message of appreciation and before i could send it, my mobile battery died and could not retrieve the message

    I am just a lazy learner, however i thought of sharing with you what i found interesting from my teachers lessons as it might help you to give context to what you already know

    in Quran ,there are three types of descriptions of God . His Zaat (Essence), Sifat ( Attributes) and Afaal (actions) in the order of its importance. And a parable of the Quran in someones heart, is like how he views the full moon’s reflection in a clear pond on a still night. The reflection is almost as good as the real, though he cant touch it. However if the pond is murky or if there is wind, the reflection is not as good ( this refers to the purity of ones heart, the purer it is the better the impact). Like Suratul Fatiha is a treasure trove, but what many of us get is the literal meaning of the verses. Sayydina Ali Ra once said, if i could write a description of the first verse of Fatiha, it shall be heavier for seventy camels to carry.

    When you speak of free will also, there are subtleties such as Qala and Qadr ( which might be translated by the same word in English). Qala is like Hunger (where rules are defined already) and Qadar is that hunger can be removed by eating and by using means you can change it.

    I’m not a scholar nor even a student. however in traditional Islam we are recommended to learn from teachers, who connect back to The Prophet SA through an unbroken chain of scholars ( who have permission to teach from their teachers) for comprehensive understanding of the Quran and Islam.

    I attend such a teachers classes online which is happening today after 130 minutes. i don’t speak Arabic myself , however i listen through live translation. ( these lessons are based on the book of Imam Ghazzali – The Jewels of the Quran ( jawahirul Quran))

    here is a link to the same ( ) channel – HemmahNet TV

    Quran is like a banquet of God, everyone is welcome

    Once again I appreciate your efforts in exploring the Quran. I dont write such replies generally, just want to let you know I wrote this is out of love for a fellow human being and if my prayers are worth anything its with you.

    Kind Regards

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    1. Dear Shabeer,

      Thank you so much for your kind message, there is so much in there that it’s hard for me to take it all in! But I really appreciate you being so considerate.

      Actually, you are the first to know that I’m currently working on a book based on my Understanding the Qur’an series. The book is called ‘Discovering the Qur’an’ and should be released fairly soon. I’d be happy to send you a copy free of charge if you’d like to read it at any point.

      I am an absolute novice when it comes to Islamic theology, and it seems you are much better versed in this area than me. thank you for sharing your knowledge and recommendations.

      Best wishes to you, friend!


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