Glory of Colour

The nature of God

Over the centuries, philosophers and theologians have often struggled to understand the nature of the God who we so often discuss.  God doesn’t reveal His nature to everyone all the time, but instead different people are given different understandings and insights into the way God is, at different times in their lives.

I believe that God intentionally limits our experience of Him, so that it is only ever partial and incomplete during human life.  This is all part of the game of life, which is the way God chooses to use the infinite power which is at His disposal.  God creates people of all different faiths and no faith, in order to present a vast spectrum of experience, and to give expression to some of the infinite possibilities that are contained within God’s nature.

At this moment in my life, I can confidently say that God has given me an awareness of His existence.  I believe that God could take that awareness away at any time, and change my beliefs, but for the time being at least it seems that God wants me to know He exists and to talk about Him.

I can confidently say the following things about God:

God is everywhere
God has no boundaries
God is all that exists
God is creative
God is all-powerful
God is all-knowing
God is living
God is real
God is mysterious

The above phrases go as far as I can go in describing the God that I believe in.  I am unhappy with the traditional Christian idea that God is love, because although I believe all love comes from God, I also believe all hate comes from God.  Therefore to say that God is love feels rather one-sided.

It is possible that during certain peak events in our lives, or perhaps after death, that we will be given a greater understanding and awareness of God’s nature.  I have a fantasy that after death our awareness expands and reunites with the infinite, and we regain the certain knowledge that all through life God (who is really our deeper selves) has been in control of everything that exists.

What can you confidently say about the nature of God?
Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. hi there .. i enjoy reading your posts , and your certainty behind what you say , which gives me this feeling that it really comes from a mind which has gone through so much to be able to gain that perception .. consider me a girl from a Muslim country who used to believe in god so strongly, and totally familiar with the sentence :
    ” I can confidently say that God has given me an awareness of His existence”… ” I believe that God could take that awareness away at any time, and change my beliefs” … i believe that he has done that , he has taken those believes away deliberately and left me with a hurting void .. since i don’t believe in my old believes i don’t know where exactly to look at , its like all my senses are turned of . i’m desperately asking him for a sign or anything which could help me get to the point of such awareness again, as in those sentences above , but my mind is really blocking every religious idea at the same time . im running from what i’m chasing at the same time . and this inconsistency leaves me so exhausted that i repeatedly choose to give up , on everything , and then everything goes worse , and my disappointments get even bigger , vicious cycle i cant break through .. i don’t wanna loose my believes , it used to give me strength , will , power , determination and peace inside and they R all gone . i just can’t make myself feel again , anything !
    actually what i read tonight was the first time after a long time that something sort of made sense to me and relieved me from this big fear inside, that i’m living among a bunch of atheists and non-believers or strict minded religious people who don’t actually know what they really believe in ..
    i was wondering if u had anything to say about this desperate periods of doubt and disappointment in life ..will B glad 2 hear that .. good luck ..

    1. Hi Mehrnaz,

      Many thanks for your message. I’m sorry it has taken me a while to reply. I can tell from your message that you are a spiritual person with a broad outlook and I want to reassure you that everything happens for a reason. It may not be apparent at this moment in time, but I believe there will be a day when you will look back at your suffering and feel that it makes sense.

      I would urge you to keep an open mind and remember that we live in a world of infinite possibilities. Even in the darkness I believe that almighty God will be sewing the seeds of a new outlook in your mind.

      Good luck and keep on keeping on!


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