Do You Trust the Pharmaceutical Industry?

A selection af colourful pills

There was an interesting article in yesterday’s Guardian about the medical system in France.  Two doctors have spoken out saying that half of all medicines prescribed in France are either useless or potentially dangerous.

Professor Philippe Even, one of the doctors, said:  “The pharmaceutical industry is the most lucrative, the most cynical and the least ethical of all the industries.  It is like an octopus with tentacles that has infiltrated all the decision making bodies, world health organisations, governments, parliaments, high administrations in health and hospitals and the medical profession.”

It is an obvious problem in capitalist societies that the people who manufacture medicines may be more interested in making money than genuinely helping people.  It is hugely saddening and shameful to think that this may be the case.

Can we really trust that doctors are prescribing us drugs that are beneficial, rather than harmful?  What can we do to ensure that we are not being abused by unethical individuals within the medical system?

2 Comments on “Do You Trust the Pharmaceutical Industry?

  1. As an ex-medic, who worked in medical research for a period, I can unfortunately confirm that there are problems with our current medications. It certainly true there are good, effective and reasonably safe medicines which give us a lot of service but unfortunately there is also a fair amount of hokum talked and practised.


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