A Prayer of Thanks

Today, Almighty Father, I give you thanks.

When I was an unbeliever,
you were shaping and moulding my character;
working out a plan for my life with great care and intricacy.

You sent teachers to help me through struggles
and to develop my curious mind.

Lord, I was lost in a wilderness for so many years,
and you used my trials to bring me closer to you.

I now know that you were holding me and protecting me in my darkest moments.
Your light was there, out of sight, but you were watching over me.

You gave me a taste of depression and despair,
of pain and suffering,
but you led me through those darkest hours to a place of greater peace.

Knowing you, Lord, has been my life’s great blessing.
I praise you for the light you have poured into my suffering soul
and for the precious freedoms you have afforded me.

You are there when I pray, Lord, listening and guiding.
You are also there when I am lost and confused.
You have blessed me so richly and saved me from countless hostilities.

I love you, Lord, with my whole heart, soul, mind, and strength, and I pray that you would keep me in your peace forever.



  1. Lovely prayer! I hope you won’t mind me adopting it for my own use.

    Does this mean you now realize that God does indeed give us free will?

    Your mega intelligence and the immense talent you possess in your written words were not given to you for nothing … surely you are blessed!
    You can now look forward to finding out exactly what important task He has put aside for you in His name.

    May you remain in His love and peace till the end of days.

    Mrs Thomas

  2. Dear Mrs Thomas,

    Many thanks for your comment and your kind words. Of course I am very happy for you to use this prayer. My belief in God is central to my life but I am still not a Christian and I’m sorry to tell you I still don’t believe in free will. I believe free will is an illusion and in reality God is in control of all. I am quite convinced of this!

    I won’t go into details about my beliefs here as my other blog posts give a good idea of why I resist calling myself a Christian. But I do recognise the importance of Jesus and I often pray to him. It’s all a bit complicated, which I guess is why I’ve written two books and more than 80 blog posts discussing my faith!

    Have a great week, and thanks again.

    Many blessings,


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