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God’s Grand Game Blog Tour

Have you ever taken part in a blog tour before? With the release of my new book ‘God’s Grand Game’ only a few weeks away, I’m looking to collaborate with a handful of other bloggers in a way that should provide some enticing benefits for those who take part, as well as helping me to raise awareness surrounding my book release.

Allow me to explain what I have in mind…

  • The release date for my book is 25th March 2019, although a batch of advance copies will be available to purchase at my book launch event in London on 16th March (to which you are all invited, naturally!). For those who can’t make the event but are interested in getting involved in the release, I’m looking to collaborate with approximately 10 bloggers over a two-week period in the form of a blog tour.
  • Bloggers who take part will be asked to write a post related to the book. This could be a review, an interview with me, an extract from the book, or something you suggest yourself. Each blogger who takes part will schedule their post for a specific date in the fortnight following release day.
  • There are obvious benefits for me, in that this will raise awareness in the blogosphere surrounding my book. But if you take part, there will also be benefits for you, including a free copy of my new book, plus I will write a blog post linking to your blog on the day that your post is published, thus (hopefully) introducing your blog to a potentially new audience.

Would you like to take part?

Simply email with an expression of interest!

If you’d like to include a pitch in your email concerning why you’d like to be involved and how you’d like to collaborate, then that would be a great starting point. We can have a discussion and I can send you any assets you need for your post, such as a book cover image, a press release, a blurb for the book, etc. Oh yeah, and a copy of the book itself in your preferred format!

It doesn’t matter what you normally blog about. If this appeals to you, please reach out to me and let’s see what we can do together!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Steven x

16 responses to “God’s Grand Game Blog Tour”

  1. Since the book would be released in my month of birth, I am interested in the blog tour.

    Congratulations, Steven. It is one thing to have an idea in mind. And another to pen the words.

    You have done well.

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    1. Hi Faith! Thank you very much, it has been a big project writing the book but I’m very pleased with it 🙂

      Do you have an email address? You don’t need to print it publicly here, just drop me an email so I have yours and then I can contact you about the blog tour in due course 🙂 Is that okay?


      1. Very okay. I’ll send you a message soon.

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        1. Great! Thanks and chat soon 🙂


  2. Congratulations on reaching a goal with this book publication, Steven! 😃

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    1. Thank you very much, friend! 😁


  3. Yassssss congrats, this is so exciting. I sent you a mail there.

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    1. Awesome, thank you! Will go read your email now 😁


  4. Hi Steven,
    I’d love to be included in this, but we’re moving home tomorrow (7th Feb), so I don’t think I would be able to commit to it given the setting up of internet, etc. I wish you every success with this venture, and for your participants and I will look forward to catching up when I can. x

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    1. Bless you, Lesley! Thanks for this. I completely understand, and appreciate you being so considerate about it. I hope everything goes fantastically well with the move, and yes — catch up soon! x


      1. Thanks Steven. 🙂

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  5. Hey Steven

    Let’s chat. You’ve got my email. I have a few questions. Thanks.

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    1. Hi Richard!

      Would love to chat, but I don’t think I have your email. Did you send me one recently?

      Many thanks!



      1. Lol I figured since I follow the blog by email you could look me up. Didn’t want to just post my address on a comment.

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        1. Hi Richard, I have looked, but can’t find your email address. WordPress won’t let me scroll through my email subscribers, the page loads and then goes blank after a few seconds (it’s been doing this for months, very strange!). I put my email address in the blog post so you don’t have to post yours publicly, you can just send me an email if you’d like to chat 🙂


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