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Blog Tour (Day 10): Think and Explore

Hi, friends! I hope you are well rested after the weekend. Today I’m sharing the final instalment in the God’s Grand Game blog tour. Today’s piece comes courtesy of Mani Ratman, who has written a beautifully constructed and deeply reflective piece about the book on his blog, Think and Explore. It’s a great way to end the blog tour!

Read Mani’s review of God’s Grand Game on Think and Explore

If you enjoy Mani’s style, please subscribe to his blog. Also, he has a fantastic Instagram page where he regularly shares drawings that are truly unique and very creative. You can find him on Instagram here.

With the blog tour now over, I just want to thank everyone who has contributed, both those who wrote the articles and those who read them. Throughout the blog tour I’ve been delighted, upset, challenged, and inspired, and I’m so glad to have gone through this process! Every single blogger delivered on time and that means the world to me, so thanks again people!

Here’s a recap of all the posts from the last couple of weeks:

1) David Robertson of ‘A Perennial Follower’ article
2) David Wilson of ‘Madman’s Lantern’ review
3) Christopher Schallert of ‘Gestaltic Ocean interview
4) Lily Pierce of ‘Retrospective Lily’ interview
5) Faith Okpoyo of ‘Faith’s Pen’ review
6) Jenni Lynch of ‘Thinking Moon’ review
7) Logan Noland of ‘Pilgrimage to Somewhere’ review
8) Ashley Tanner of ‘Yellow Poppies’ interview
9) Virginia Carper of ‘Neptune’s Dolphins’ review
10) Mani Ratman of ‘Think and Explore’ review

This has been a wonderful journey for me and I hope you have enjoyed the posts as well. If you’re not interested in the book after reading all these posts, then I guess there’s no persuading you to buy a copy! 🙂 But if your interest is piqued, remember you can pick up a copy in your choice of formats, from your choice of retailers, via the following link:

Buy God’s Grand Game

I’ll be taking a break for the next few days, but may be blogging occasionally if anything important comes up. I have some plans related to the future of this blog that I’d like to tell you about, so I’ll be back before long to share those.

Wishing you all an exceptionally good week!

Peace and blessings,

Steven x

13 responses to “Blog Tour (Day 10): Think and Explore”

  1. It was a wonderful blog tour to be a part of thank you Steven and well done everyone!

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    1. Aww cool 👍🏻😁 Thanks for always being so kind, Jenni 🙂

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      1. Same to you my friend!

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  2. It’s been a worthwhile experience for me reading your book, Steven. It’s made me look closer at my own beliefs and evaluate them. I’ve read through (raced through!) it once and would like to re-read it more thoughtfully before putting a review on Amazon that will do it justice.

    You always leave us a teaser! Now I’m looking forward to your future plans. ☺

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    1. Hi Lesley! Bless you and thank you so much that you’re planning to write an Amazon review. Take your time! 🙂 Yep, got a few pots boiling behind the scenes (and don’t worry that doesn’t mean Perfect Chaos is morphing into a cookery blog — metaphorical pots!). Thanks so much (as always) for your support! 🙂

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  3. Nice meeting you here friend

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    1. Nice to meet you too! 🙂

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  4. Very nice. I’m excited to read your blog tour. 😀

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    1. Thanks, Becky! It’s the first time I’ve done one and it was a lot of fun 😀

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  5. I appreciate you asking me to participate and thought it went really well! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Lily! Was a real joy to have you involved, and your article was fantastic. I will forever be grateful. Blessings!

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