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Why Would God Do This?

I’ve been feeling very angry. I just have no idea why God has to make everything so hard and miserable all the time. All the sickness, depression, poverty, hospitals, fear, bad news, etc, etc, etc, every single day for years, decades, centuries. It’s so annoying.

Does God really find pleasure in making us all suffer so much? I have no doubt God is the cause of all our suffering even if Christians defy all reason and explain everything bad away as ‘the devil’, as though God’s power is strictly limited to causing good things to happen, which is an utterly absurd philosophical position to take.

I can’t read a book for five seconds, or watch a video for five seconds, without feeling as though I’m being controlled and have to stop. It’s so frustrating, because God will make me feel really enthusiastic about doing something, and then as soon as I start doing it I feel an oppressive energy and have to stop in order to restore my peace. It is so incredibly annoying! I am so sick of it.

God is in control and understands this. I just wish God would not make everything so miserable and difficult all the time. He certainly doesn’t have to.

Lord God, I know You understand what’s going on. Because You’re causing it. I just ask for You to be so much kinder to me, and to the world, than You have been and are being. Please be kind, Lord. Please be merciful and generous and not cruel. I know things could be so much worse, but they could also be so much better.

Please, God, help me to understand why I can’t even watch my favourite YouTubers for five seconds before feeling I have to switch off because I’m being controlled. Maybe it’s because I’m attuned to the advertising and brainwashing practices of the tech industry or something, I don’t know. But you’re in control of all that. Please, God, help me to understand what’s going on with world events, and what I should be doing that would be satisfying and beneficial. Please be kind to me, God, and to us all. Amen.

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