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Trust in Him

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God is awesome, majestic, wonderful, glorious, wise, humorous, grand, mysterious, mighty, and greatly to be feared.

God is masterful in His creativity, He’s a friend to the poor in spirit, He’s the solution to every problem, the answer to every question, the peace in the midst of the chaos, the cure for every ailment.

God is the strong and fearless creator of the Universe, sovereign over every event, creating confusion and then bringing a solution, knocking you down so He can raise you back up, giving you a punishing depression and then turning it into ecstatic elation, creating great suffering and then bringing relief and healing.

God did not create the Universe at some time in the past and then sit back and watch it unfold from a distance, He is a living and omnipresent God who is unfolding every event in this single eternal moment, which is not ontologically distinct from Him.

God is not the author of only some events, but is actively unfolding all events. God is not in competition with an enemy, He is all-powerful and nothing ever happens that He does not actively bring about.

There is not an atom anywhere in existence which is outside of God’s sovereign present moment control.

These words about God are true. Trust in Him.