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Introducing my Book: The Only Question You Ever Need Ask

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Much of my writing examines theological issues related to Christianity and other religions from a philosophical perspective. I am motivated by a desire to reach a deeper understanding in relation to the nature of reality and of myself, and to cut through false ideas and doctrines that I feel are detrimental to the spiritual seeker’s quest for Truth.

Having explored the Christian faith in depth for many years, both practically and academically, I have developed an understanding (imperfect, of course) of the key ideas at the heart of the faith. In my book, The Only Question You Ever Need Ask, released in June 2020, I hone in on a single question which I believe gets to the heart of Christian theology and of the challenge we all face concerning whether or not to embrace Christianity and dedicate our lives to following Jesus.

To view the artwork for the book and a brief synopsis of the content, see this PDF.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, it is available from these retailers.