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All of your achievements are really God’s achievements

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I believe that whatever you do is what God is doing through you. We are all puppets in the metaphorical hands of God, who is sovereign over all events and unfolding a plan for creation in accordance with his will.

In a recent post, entitled ‘The Creativity of God’, I explained how if we understand God’s absolute sovereignty, we should acknowledge that every work in creation is actually God’s doing. God is the primary cause of all activity, though he acts through us, making us the secondary cause. It’s important to point out that there is no freedom in the secondary cause, and this is why I say all of your achievements are really God’s achievements.

When I write a book, the reality is that every thought, word, and action that has occurred as part of the writing process has been undertaken by God through me, and the same is true for any book or blog post that you write, or indeed any other creative work that you produce.

If you follow this reasoning, you will understand why I believe God has written every book that’s ever been written. He has composed every song that’s ever been written, made every meal that human beings have enjoyed, founded every business that someone started up, etc. The immensity of God’s power is reflected in the fact that he is responsible for every creative work any human being has ever produced.

So it’s important to acknowledge that our achievements are not our own. Well, in a sense they are, as we are their secondary cause. God might be happy for us to take some credit. But on the level of ultimate truth, everything we achieve is attributable to God, and there is no creative work in existence that has ever been created without God’s sovereign control over every aspect of the creative process.

Are you not convinced that God controls all things? For an in-depth study exploring the absolute sovereignty of God, I invite you to check out my book God’s Grand Game (click here for retailer links).


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