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Interview for Collin Cooper’s Blog

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I was invited by Collin Cooper, also known as Philosophical Rambler, to do an interview for his blog. Collin writes poetry and philosophy and is soon to be publishing a full-length book titled Blood Stained Mahogany in addition to a short poetry book he has published previously, titled Time Eternal.

In my interview for Collin’s blog I discuss some quite personal and sensitive topics, but my answers were from my heart and I just shared what came to mind without holding back. I hope that if any of you check out the interview, you’ll find it interesting.

You can read the interview here:

I also invite you to subscribe to Collin’s blog. He’s a Christian and a philosopher and is involved with some intriguing projects. He’s also a very articulate writer.

I hope you enjoy reading the interview, which Collin and I feel turned out well. Thanks Collin!


  1. If perfect choas is perfectly choatic, then that is the only perfection in choas. Not philosophy, just common sense. Don’t care for philosophy. That was a problem with the Colossians. (Col. 2 :8)


    1. Hello there! I do understand why some Christians are sceptical of philosophy. But my interest is not in academic philosophy, more in philosophical theology, by which I mean trying to understand about God and God’s will from a philosophical perspective. You might like to check out my post entitled Is Philosophy Important? which is directly relevant to the comments you made. Thanks for stopping by.

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