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I’ll Carry Your World

Coldplay are a rare band in that they are hugely popular and also good! I love their music so much and hardly listen to anything else these days. I find it interesting that their lyrics, though they (frustratingly) don’t always make sense to me, often reference God. I also heard Chris Martin, the band’s lead singer, saying in an interview that songs sometimes just ‘come down’ to him — more evidence that he’s aware of the existence of God.

Coldplay song titles like ‘Higher Power’ and ‘Church’ and lyrics like “I know Saint Peter will call my name” point to the singer’s (Catholic?) faith, though I haven’t heard him profess to being a Christian in an interview. I’d love to talk with him about the spiritual aspects of his music — I would have lots of questions about his lyrics!

Anyway, I thought I would share my current favourite Coldplay song with the hope that it brings someone reading this as much joy as it has brought me. There are very few Coldplay songs that I don’t love, but this is my current favourite and I’ve had it on repeat since I discovered it recently. The song is called ‘Atlas’. It’s a beautiful video as well. Enjoy!

I hope you were able to view the video in whichever region you’re in (I know sometimes embedded videos are restricted by YouTube). If there’s a song that you’re in love with at the moment, please leave a comment and let me know so I can take a listen. Blessings!

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  1. I used to listen to Coldplay but found myself have great moments of despair and sorrow while listening, so I haven’t really listened to them in some time. There are a few of their songs that come to mind here and there though.

    As for my current favorites, I’ve really been loving most of Emmit Fenn’s work, in particular his “Before We Begin” and “Eclipse” albums. I am also quite fond of Philip Wesley and his albums “Transcend” and “Dark Night of the Soul”. All of these albums are without vocals, which is one reason why I find them so appealing. In terms of an album to bring one into worship, I love David Crowder Band’s “Church Music” album. I’m not a “Christian” but I still am moved spiritually by the whole thing. (I know you said “song” not album… )

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    1. Awesome! Thanks for the recommendations, Tara, will check them out. Don’t give up on Coldplay, there’s so much beauty in their music, I think Chris Martin is really gifted 🙂


  2. Love Coldplay 💕

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  3. manitobamomblog avatar

    I used to listen to Coldplay ALL the time but have gotten out of the habit. Looks like I’ll have to get back into it! I’m loving the stronger presence of piano in this song and the little bit of dissonance here and there. As you said, their lyrics sometimes leave me scratching my head, but I kind of like that they are open ended. I get the feel of what they’re saying and I can wonder about the rest…that bit of mystery, I think, adds beauty. And unlike your other commenter, I don’t find their music depressing – rather, kind of numbing and lulling which is usually good for me. But at the same time I totally understand what she’s saying regarding music pulling you into despair. It’s the reason I rarely listen to anything anymore. Sorry, long comment but interesting topic! 👍

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    1. It seems to me that a lot of musicians use ambiguous lyrics. I suppose maybe in Chris Martin’s mind it all makes perfect sense! Thanks for commenting! 😊

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  4. I’ve been a big fan of Coldplay since Parachutes came out! Their last three albums have been really hit or miss in my opinion but I love the vast majority of this work, especially parachutes, rush of blood, x&y, viva, mylo xyloto and ghost stories.

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    1. I quite like the most recent albums, but I think I understand where you’re coming from. There are some quite unusual and experimental kinds of songs that don’t give me the same emotional connection as some of my favourites from the earlier albums. Actually, the only Coldplay song I tend to skip is ‘Yellow’, which is ironic as that was kind of their breakthrough!

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      1. All that to say “Colortura” is a masterpiece and on of their best songs.

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        1. Absolutely! A wonderful song 🙂

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  5. ajoyfulpractice avatar

    Another Coldplay fan here. I ‘m simple – I love “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” and “Fix you.” They both have amazing “hooks!” I have also really appreciated interviews where the whole band talks about their process.

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    1. Both songs I like! I’ve watched a few interviews with them and am also intrigued by their songwriting process. Thanks for commenting!

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