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You Always Have God

Friends come and go, they let you down, you let them down. Families fragment and relationships break up. People close to you get sick and pass away. Sometimes, no one can relate to your thoughts, so you keep them to yourself. You try to be strong, to persevere, but you are desperately lonely and don’t know where to turn.

You take comfort in small mood boosts, a can of Coke, a cigarette, a stroll in the sunshine, and you are grateful for these things. But you wonder whether God will send someone who can be there for you, who sees you, relates to you, comforts you.

You take some comfort knowing that prophets of old suffered and felt lonely and rejected. It comforts you because you know how they got through their challenges. They were forced to trust in God alone, and for those of us who believe, we must do the same. God is the only faithful friend you have, and the only faithful friend you need.

Thanks be to God.

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    fourati hamdi

    May God bless you and give you beautiful patience, the most beautiful thing in life. God is with us and guides us to the right path

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    1. Thanks brother 🙏🏻

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