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A Prayerful Lament

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Despair and depression every day,
Longing for breakthrough,
I trust in the mercy of God
Who controls all things.

Is God good?
He surely is, though I live in a fog
That confuses my mind.

Medication helps
Friends are a blessing
Scripture encourages.

Surely, the Lord has not forsaken me,
He knows my heart.
I have sinned — we all have sinned
But God is most forgiving and merciful.

A drop of rain, a ray of sunshine,
The beauty of nature is profound.
There is good in every day
Thanks be to God.

Solitude is a comfort,
But it is no comfort.
Healing is what this broken world needs.

At times I wonder whether my dreams are delusions,
But I also know that all things are possible with God.
God is my only hope — He is the source of my encouragement.

Lord God, let me not doubt myself!
For I surrendered everything to You
With fear I said I will do anything you require of me.

All my hope is in the Lord
Who created the universe
And is the animator of all things.

Without the favour of God, I would be entirely lost.

God says only ‘Be’ and it is,
He has total freedom.

Look kindly upon me, Father,
You know how I struggle to do the right thing.

Thank You, God, for all You are teaching me.
In a sense, You are my higher self,
So why would You forsake me?

No mere mortal can fathom Your plans,
We are Your slaves, though You are most gracious to us.

My Lord, are You happy?
I hope with all my heart that You are happy.
I hope that You work all things out for good
and are benevolent at all times.

Graciously help me, Lord,
Keep me grounded in goodness
and let me be a blessing to those who are lost.

Thank You, God. Amen.


  1. This is quite beautiful. A song or poem of (and from) the heart. This is uplifting, even in the despair. I suppose because these are thoughts and feelings I have had and do have myself. Thank you for sharing this.

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