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Free eBook: Discovering the Qur’an

Greetings, friends. Do you have an understanding of the contents of the Qur’an? As the Qur’an is believed by Muslims to be a divine revelation, should you not be acquainted with its teachings?

To help you to answer the above questions, I have made my short book Discovering the Qur’an available for free as an eBook from my digital bookstore. Here’s how you can get your copy:

1) Visit

2) Locate Discovering the Qur’an (priced as free) and go through the checkout process

3) You will be sent a link by BookFunnel which allows you to download your eBook in your choice of digital formats

4) You can then read your eBook on your smartphone, computer, tablet, or eReader

5) BookFunnel’s customer support is available for you should you have any technical issues

My hope is that you will enjoy reading my ‘primer’ for the Qur’an and will feel inclined to read the Qur’an itself. You will discover (God willing) that it is a truly wonderful Scripture.

God bless you and sincere wishes for a peaceful weekend.

That link again:

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