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Today’s Appointment

My appointment went surprisingly well, thanks be to God. I arrived on time and didn’t have to wait to see the consultant at all. We only spoke for about fifteen minutes, but she agreed to discharge me which is what I was hoping would happen.

Unfortunately, when I mentioned side effects this was pretty much ignored – it seems she either doesn’t care about them or felt my side effects aren’t serious enough to warrant intervention. I don’t agree, but I didn’t want to press the issue.

Some further good news is that she doesn’t want to discharge me under a community treatment order, which would have meant certain restrictions for around six months at least. Instead, I will be discharged back to my GP and I will get my repeat prescriptions from them moving forward.

The consultant forgot to order my medication so I’m currently in a cafe waiting for that to be delivered to the ward. It’s about a four hour wait but I don’t mind too much, it’s just a shame I have virtually no money as there’s not much to do to pass the time without spending money around here. (Maybe I’ll write a blog post!) I do have some of my book promo cards so I might give them out on the street, will see how God leads.

The fact that I was effectively discharged today is a real answer to prayer. Thanks again for your prayer support, it has been a huge help. I’m now going to focus on getting out of debt, it’s not a huge debt but I will need some time and good fortune in order to pay it off.

The Lord is most gracious and most merciful. Those fourteen weeks in hospital were certainly testing. But I got out alive, praise the Lord! And now, a new chapter ❤️

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