The Philosophy of a Mad Man

Written after a long period of spiritual searching and psychological breakdown, this book explores all the big questions at the heart of the mystery of life.

Complete with humour, sadness, and enlightenment, this book is essential reading for those who are seeking a fresh perspective on suffering.

Written in clear and simple language, this debut book release provides not only an enthralling insight into a troubled mind, but also a vision of our one true God.

“Beautifully honest with a universal truth” (Emily, Amazon reviews)

“Well-written and easy to read” (Debra, DnS Media)

“A fascinating story of one man’s battle with his mind” (Sarah, Amazon reviews)

“Original and thought-provoking philosophy” (Alan, Happy Mind)

How to buy your copy

Buy a paperback copy with free UK delivery (£8.99)
Buy a signed paperback copy with free UK delivery (£9.99)
Buy the Kindle edition (£3.99)
Buy the Nook/Sony/Kobo/iBooks edition (£3.99)
Buy the PDF version (£3.99)

The paperback version is also available to order from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Foyles, WH Smith, and all good book retailers. Customers outside the UK can buy the paperback version from their country’s Amazon store.

For any queries relating to the purchasing of books by Steven Colborne please contact Steven or contact his publisher SilverWood Books


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