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Re-imagining Everyday Language in Light of God’s Sovereignty

Everyday English book

Last year, I began a blog series called Praise and Prose in which my aim was to do exactly what the title of this blog post expresses. It was an interesting exercise, and definitely worthwhile. I actually planned to publish more posts as part… Continue Reading “Re-imagining Everyday Language in Light of God’s Sovereignty”

Keeping Hope Alive

Tealight Candles

I can’t bring myself to check the news websites. I stopped doing that months ago. I rely on the chatter in local shops, the occasional conversation with a friend, or a blog post or tweet that I catch sight of, to inform me about… Continue Reading “Keeping Hope Alive”

The Language of Silence

Two empty benches

I believe that in our interactions with others, we often don’t value the power, and necessity, of silence. In my youth, and even in young adulthood, I was terrified of silence. Refusing to allow silence in my interactions with others meant that I would… Continue Reading “The Language of Silence”

The Great Vacuousness of All that I Am and Ever Will Do

The question of why there is something rather than nothing — why anything exists at all — is very confusing to me. However, I realise that confusion is just an energetic state; it’s perfectly possible that to You (God) there is no mystery. It… Continue Reading “The Great Vacuousness of All that I Am and Ever Will Do”

Noughts and Ones

It’s no secret that I have significant fears about the role of technology in our lives. Those of you who have listened to my song Machines Taking Over the World will know this is a big issue for me. Well, today I had someone… Continue Reading “Noughts and Ones”