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Your Prayers Were Heard

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Today I am feeling immensely grateful for everyone who responded to my recent request for prayers. I was in a difficult situation with a troublesome neighbour, and I feared he was going to act aggressively and possibly violently towards me (here’s the backstory).

By the mercy of God, the situation is greatly improved. I bumped into my neighbour on the street today for the first time in about three weeks, and although there was initially some tension, I apologised for any hard feelings and miraculously we had a friendly chat.

I can honestly say I feel much more at peace with the situation now, and I have learned a lesson, which is the lesson of this recent post about how we should respond when we feel someone is being unreasonable or unkind.

The air has been cleared, God heard your prayers, and now I feel much more able to relax in the run-up to Christmas. He may keep playing loud music for a few hours a day, but all things considered it’s no big deal, and I have so much to be thankful for.

God bless you, dear friends, and thank you Lord for this relief!


  1. Thanks for sharing this follow-up, Steven. I am happy for you, and, as one who has been praying for this situation, am encouraged by God’s working in this matter. Will continue to pray … and looking forward to the next song!

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  2. That’s awesome news dude!! How good is it when God does that, especially after we and others have prayed for a situation. He hears our prayers. Steven, can I encourage you to continue to be in prayer for your neighbour and for the renewing of your mind when it comes to how you engage with him, cause the battle is not against flesh and blood. Protect your life mate and peace to you


    1. That’s sound advice, my friend. Thanks for the reminder. Yes, I’ll continue to pray over this situation as there is almost certainly a spiritual dimension to it. And I’ll continue to pray for my neighbour, too. God bless!

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  3. Oh praise God Almighty!!! That is beautiful to hear!!! 🙂 I’m glad God used the situation to humble your heart, and strengthen you through prayers of encouragement, and have His hand on you! This is wonderful!

    I’m glad you asked for prayer because this led to the glory of God. 🙂


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