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Must I Love My Enemies?

Man with his head in his hands

Envisage this scenario: You’re a Christian and your next-door neighbour is keeping you awake playing oppressively loud music in the middle of the night every night despite your repeated attempts to ask him to let you sleep. You also hear him being abusive towards… Continue Reading “Must I Love My Enemies?”

Your Prayers Were Heard

A group of believers huddled together in prayer

Today I am feeling immensely grateful for everyone who responded to my recent request for prayers. I was in a difficult situation with a troublesome neighbour, and I feared he was going to act aggressively and possibly violently towards me (here’s the backstory). By… Continue Reading “Your Prayers Were Heard”

Tension on the Ward

Blue boxing gloves with a black background

There’s a fairly dark mood on the ward at the moment. I won’t go into details but suffice to say I have been on the receiving end of some rather aggressive anger issues. I’m doing fine, luckily. Years of psychotherapy and a general education… Continue Reading “Tension on the Ward”