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Suffering, God, and Covid-19

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Is God responsible for human suffering? This question has been a major consideration of mine ever since God revealed Himself to me and I became a Christian back in 2008. I have considered Biblical interpretations of suffering, and have also explored a range of non-Christian arguments as to why we suffer, including those from Eastern philosophy and also atheist and humanist accounts.

With the hope of being some help to those who are suffering in the midst of this pandemic, I have written a short essay entitled God and Suffering: A Covid-19 Theology. You can download the PDF and read it here.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to bring back and freshen up my Essays page, so you will see that the page has returned to the navigation menu.

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Talking of ‘freshening up’, I have also given Perfect Chaos a makeover. The new dark theme is not a reflection of any particular navigation towards darkness on my own part (not consciously, in any case!), but it is apt in the current circumstances and I did it because I felt like a change. I hope you like it.

As the now common pandemic mantra goes, stay safe! And I hope to be back soon with the first instalment in my new language series. I have closed comments for this post, but you are welcome to email me with any thoughts or questions. I will be opening comments for the language series. See you all soon.

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