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Greetings and blessings. In today’s post, I’m just going to provide a quick update on my new blogging series which, God willing, will start tomorrow. The series will look at the kind of everyday language we use to talk about life and faith, and I will aim to offer insights to help us assess whether that language is truthful and helpful. For a few examples of the kinds of things I’ll be covering, check out my previous post where I announced the series.

Today, I did a brainstorm and came up with a title for the series: Praise and Prose. I didn’t want a title of more than two or three words because long titles tend to look messy on WordPress (with my theme, anyway), and the aesthetic side of things is important to me as I want readers to enjoy visiting the blog and experience as little frustration and friction as possible.

I am not a design expert but I did spend quite of lot of time designing a simple header for the series, which you can see accompanying this post if you click or tap through to the blog. I realise it’s not exactly the Mona Lisa, but I hope it’s good enough to go with and won’t provoke too many feelings of disgust!

My intention right now is to post in this series daily, and to keep posts short. I really need a positive distraction at the moment and this series will hopefully help. I’m excited to get your thoughts and ideas in the comments as the series unfolds โ€” you are just as important to this series as I am, so please do contribute.

I’m going to end here for today because it’s been a busy day so far and I’m feeling the urge to relax with a cup of spicy chai and a slice of swiss roll. If you’re looking forward to the series, please hit the like button to let me know you’ll be following along.

Prayers for everyone who is suffering at the moment; feel free to check out my essay on God, Suffering, and Covid-19 if you need some encouragement. You can find it on my Essays page. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. Really enjoyed your essay regarding Covid-19. I used to love to discuss theology when I was young. The more I have seen in my life the less I seem to understand many things. Just when you think you are getting it, the game changes. Take care

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    1. Hi Po’ Girl! Thanks for taking the time to read the essay and I’m delighted you enjoyed it. I hear what you’re saying about theology, but perhaps you have learned wisdom in knowing there’s always more to learn, if you see what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless you, friend, and have a good weekend!


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