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Philosopher and author from Oxfordshire, England. Graduate of the University of Westminster, where I studied music, and the University of London, where I studied philosophy and religion. I love to write about philosophy, religion, spirituality and mental health. I have written two short books: 'The Philosophy of a Mad Man' (part memoir, part philosophical exposition) and 'Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion' (theological criticism). I have lived experience of mental illness. My blog - Perfect Chaos - is a good place to find out all about me, my books, and my beliefs.
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Calvinism and Predestination

One of the most important concerns for any Christian is the doctrine of salvation (called “soteriology” by academics). The subject raises important questions: What is salvation? How do I get saved? Can I ever lose my salvation? In this brief article I want to look at salvation from the point of view of Calvinism and the associated … Continue reading

Christological Conundrums

I have spent some time recently studying Christian apologetics (defence of the faith) and have heard some Muslim scholars raising interesting questions about the Trinity and the dual (human & divine) nature of Christ. Here are a few thoughts. One Muslim questioner was asking about Mark 11:12-14, which says the following: 12 Now the next day, … Continue reading

‘The Pursuit of Holiness’ by Jerry Bridges (book review)

Jerry Bridges is an American author who has written many books about the Christian walk with God. This particular title has sold more than 1,500,000 copies worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. The book is very appealing to the committed Christian due to it’s heavy reliance on scriptural references and the simple and engaging … Continue reading

Ancient Words

It’s the bestselling book of all time and has been changing people’s lives for many hundreds of years. The Holy Bible is a truly special book which gives us an insight into the character of God. Within the pages of the Bible we find scripture to encourage, educate, and rebuke. There are wars and kings … Continue reading

Being Held by God

Sometimes, life can be a real struggle. I know that I spent many years searching for peace, as I have reflected upon in my book The Philosophy of a Mad Man which is all about spiritual seeking. I used to immerse myself in eastern philosophy as I tried to meditate my way to peace, at that … Continue reading

An Easter Message

Dear friends, I hope you are enjoying the Easter break and are feeling spirituality nourished at this special time. If you need a little inspiration, have a listen to this wonderful message (embedded below) from Holy Trinity Brompton pastor Stephen Foster. The message conveys the importance of Christ’s crucifixion in a clear and relevant way.   … Continue reading

A Perspective on Sin

While browsing through posts from Christians on WordPress I stumbled upon this insightful video (embedded below). It features the reading of a text called ‘The Curtain Sinner’ by the Puritan Thomas Watson. The text is about sin and the difference between sin in a godly person and sin in an ungodly person. I remember that my … Continue reading

The Grace of God

Oh, most gracious Lord! You are eternal, unfathomable; mighty beyond measure! You have created all things and this complex universe is the work of Your hands. So far is Your divine knowledge from my shallow human understanding. I cannot comprehend Your way, oh God! In this wonderful mess of life, this perfect chaos, You reign; You … Continue reading

Bible in One Year Challenge

When I’m talking to people about Christianity and about why I decided to follow Jesus, I often suggest that they commit to reading the New Testament. I realise that the Bible is a big book (or rather, collection of books) but I tell people that the New Testament is actually relatively short, and could be … Continue reading

My Testimony

I grew up in a divided household. My mother was an atheist and my father a Christian. My father took my sister and I to church some Sundays, and I used to sing in a church choir, but church was always something that I considered boring and irrelevant; I had no real sense of how … Continue reading



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