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A Critique of Bart Ehrman’s Methodology as a ‘Historian’

Bart Ehrman in church

I was very excited to begin reading How Jesus Became God by Bart Ehrman, having recently read and reviewed another of his books, Misquoting Jesus. The latter book gave some very interesting insights into the transmission of the Christian sacred texts (i.e. how they… Continue Reading “A Critique of Bart Ehrman’s Methodology as a ‘Historian’”

‘Misquoting Jesus’ by Bart Ehrman (book review)

Bart Ehrman

I’m excited to write and publish this review of Misquoting Jesus, firstly because it is a fascinating book, and secondly because I believe I have some important responses to the book to bring to the table.

How We Got the Bible

A page from an ancient manuscript

In my efforts to better understand how the text of the Bible came to be as it is today, I’m currently reading a book entitled ‘How We Got the Bible’ by Neil R. Lightfoot. A passage I was reading today stood out, and I… Continue Reading “How We Got the Bible”

A Brief Look at Textual Criticism

An ancient piece of parchment

I’m currently doing some research into the issues surrounding the reliability of the Bible. What I mean by this is I’m exploring whether or not it matters that there are different Bible versions with different translations of certain words, phrases, and passages. I came… Continue Reading “A Brief Look at Textual Criticism”