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The Church of the Future

The image depicts the traces of a particle collision. Collisions like this recently led to the discovery of a new particle. In time, the discovery could have major implications for physics, for technology, and for humanity.

With the recent discovery of a Higgs boson-like particle at CERN in Switzerland, I believe it is only a matter of time before further discoveries in physics allow us to create new technologies that will revolutionise space travel, allowing us to journey much deeper into space than ever before.

With such a vast universe existing and knowing the infinite creative potential of God, I believe that there may well be beings on other planets.  I believe that it is highly likely that the future of God’s plan for humanity will not confine us to Earth, but will involve us settling on other planets, and interacting with other races.  Earth will be viewed by history as humanity’s first planet, in the days when we thought we were alone in the universe.

Of course, science fiction has led the way in depicting a possible future for the human race.  Nothing that I have said would be out of place in an episode of Star Trek.  I believe that in the future science fiction writers will be seen as visionaries, who gave us a glimpse of humanity’s potential, and gave inspiration to science.

In the Star Trek movie ‘First Contact’ there is the idea that after a third world war in the mid-21st century, humanity makes contact with an alien race for the first time, and this contact unites the planet in a way that leads to the eradication of war and poverty.  I do believe that space exploration has the potential to unite humanity.  When we encounter beings from other planets it will give us a different sense of what it means to be human.

The extent to which we can work together to further humanity’s goals will determine the pace at which we can advance science and technology, and prepare for the almost inevitable scenario that we will encounter other beings in the universe.

Unity is key.  At the moment there is too much competition on Earth.  Nations are fighting against other nations for resources, wealth, and dominance, and there are separate space agencies in different countries that could collaborate more effectively without such competition.  We need a global vision for humanity’s future: one race, with a single set of goals, working together.

A United Humanity

How do we create a united humanity that will be ready for the challenge of encountering other races in the universe?  How do we work together to achieve humanity’s highest potential?

I am no scientist, that’s for sure.  I lack the technical expertise to be working on the cutting edge of technology and space travel.  I am a philosopher, who has been gifted with an unusual insight into the nature of God.  God has shown me that there is one God who is everywhere and in everything and who creates everything that exists: including people of all races and religions.  When we have inspiration, it comes from God.  When someone has a child, it comes from God.  When we make a decision, for example to join a particular faith group or political party, God is making that decision for us.  Everything that happens is a direct result of God’s will.  This simple idea represents the highest spiritual knowledge that can ever be attained.

The fact that there is one God in control of the cosmos gives us a guiding principle that has the potential to unite not only the people of planet Earth, but all beings in the universe.  When we meet beings from other planets, they will have been created by the same God that created us, so we already have something in common.  Whatever our differences, in the world, or in the universe, we are united by the one God who is in control of everything.

We need a new vision for humanity that is truly universal.  We need to prepare ourselves both psychologically and technologically for a future that will look very different from our present.  When we encounter beings from other planets, we will need to have a plan of action, and preferably one that promotes peace and not war.

With the above considerations in mind, I am today proposing that we need a new church for humanity.  The church will accommodate people of all faiths from all over the world and will be called The Universal Church of Almighty God.

A possible logo for the church, with a cross symbolising suffering and a circle symbolising love: the two poles of human existence.

Here are a few key principles of the church:

  • People of all faiths, cultures, nationalities and races are invited to come together to worship the one true God.
  • The focus of the church is to celebrate the things that define and unite humanity.
  • While science focuses on technological advancement, the role of the church will be to prepare humanity spiritually and psychologically for the future.
  • The church will promote peace and unity.

Read more about Steven’s life and philosophy in his book God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground.

4 responses to “The Church of the Future”

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  2. you have described the principles of Freemasonry.


    1. Thanks for your comment, John. I wasn’t aware that that’s what I was doing. You hear all kinds of different things about freemasonry.


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