New Book Announcement

Woman reading book

Hi, friends. You may recall that I ran a blogging series entitled Praise and Prose which looked at the language we use and how we might change certain aspects of our conversations in order to better appreciate and honour God. Today I just wanted to let you know that the Praise and Prose series has been developed into a new book, entitled God Willing.

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On Choosing a Spiritual Path

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I think it’s common for people who are interested in spirituality to change their views. I probably don’t have enough fingers on my hands to count the number of times my beliefs have changed during my lifetime. It makes sense, really, that if an infinitely wise God exists (who is unfolding our lives, as I believe is the case) that He would cause us to experience and understand things in different ways as our lives develop, all as part of the game of life He is unfolding.

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Understanding the Qur’an (Episode 2: The Alleged Divinity of Christ)

Stained Glass Window Jesus

I explained in a recent post that I feel the alleged divinity of Jesus Christ is the central issue of theology. This is especially true for Christians, of course, but it is also a crucial issue for Muslims, Jews, and other monotheists. In today’s post, the second instalment in my “Understanding the Qur’an” series, I will compare a passage from the Qur’an that discusses Jesus’ supposed divinity with a contrasting passage from the Bible. It will be up to readers to decide which of the scriptures they find most convincing.

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A Critique of Bart Ehrman’s Methodology as a ‘Historian’

Bart Ehrman in church

I was very excited to begin reading How Jesus Became God by Bart Ehrman, having recently read and reviewed another of his books, Misquoting Jesus. The latter book gave some very interesting insights into the transmission of the Christian sacred texts (i.e. how they have been copied, shared, and interpreted since the days of Jesus), and I hoped How Jesus Became God might help me resolve some of my ongoing uncertainty concerning whether or not I should consider Jesus to be God.

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Introducing my Book: God’s Grand Game

The new atheism movement has highlighted many of the theological problems related to Christianity and other religions, and as we move into a ‘post-truth’ age, many people are wondering whether there is still a place for God in society. Has science consigned God to the evolutionary scrapheap?

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