God’s Timing is Perfect

Hand holding stopwatch

There are certain phrases Christians use that reveal a belief that God is in control of our lives in their entirety. The title of this blog post is a prime example. What I’d invite readers to consider is whether it’s possible to believe that God is unfolding all the events of our lives and at the same time to believe that we are free to act independently of the will of God (that we have, as it is commonly referred to, free will).

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Spiritual Life Update

Blessings upon you, friends. I hope you are all feeling peaceful and well. I thought that today I would share where I am standing spiritually after spending quite of lot of time reading the Qur’an and exploring the differences and similarities between Christianity and Islam.

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Understanding the Qur’an (Episode 4: Lord of the Worlds)


There is an interesting phrase that occurs dozens of times in the Qur’an. The phrase, which is used when referring to God, is ‘Lord of the Worlds’.

When I read the Qur’an for the first time, my immediate reaction to this interesting phrase was to wonder whether the phrase referred to God in relation to the bigger picture of the universe — whether it referred to God as Lord of every planet. I felt eager to know whether this was the intended meaning of the phrase, because if it was, it would accord very well with my own philosophical perspective, which is that there is one God who is Lord over the whole universe and the entirety of creation (which I refer to in my books as God’s ‘cosmic playground’).

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Always Respond with Love


Yesterday, I shared a wisdom quote on the subject of happiness. I said that I’d be back today with another wisdom quote, and here I am. The quote I’m going to share today relates to interpersonal relationships — one of the major areas of struggle for many human beings.

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Two Wise Sayings

Reading a book

As a brief deviation from my ‘Understanding the Qur’an’ series, I would like to share two sayings (one today and one tomorrow) that I have found to be wise and encouraging. Philosophy has been defined as the pursuit of wisdom, and I know how much we all love stumbling upon a quotation that embodies a universal truth or that really resonates with the way we see the world. I hope that these two quotations inspire you in the same way as they have inspired me.

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Understanding the Qur’an (Episode 3: Life as a Game)

Man reading Qur'an

In this series of posts about the religion of Islam, I am sharing thoughts that have occurred to me while reading the Qur’an. Today, I’d like to refer to instances where the word ‘game’ is used in the Qur’an. This is of particular interest to me personally because I have authored several books in which I described God’s purposes in creation as a game (albeit a serious one — indeed, there is a chapter in my book The God Articles entitled ‘The Most Serious of Games’ which demonstrates my appreciation of the serious nature of God’s creative work).

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