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A Reflection on John 3:16

Jesus on the cross

Greetings, friends. Quite often, when I’m reading Scripture, I have a ‘wow’ moment when a passage speaks to me in a way it didn’t previously. Today I’d like to share a new understanding I came to of perhaps the most quoted verse in the… Continue Reading “A Reflection on John 3:16”

The Nature of Forms: Where Plato Went Wrong

I’ve been thinking about the way our thoughts and feelings relate to the external world, and considering the nature of our reactions to external things and how those reactions occur independently of the nature of the objects we perceive. Allow me to elaborate a… Continue Reading “The Nature of Forms: Where Plato Went Wrong”

Two Vital Questions

A man sat down with his eyes closed leaning against a brick wall with a Bible in his hand

I have read the whole Bible and attended various Catholic and Protestant churches, and after much study and exploration I believe I have a pretty good idea of the central doctrines and tenets of the Christian faith. Those who have read my essay entitled… Continue Reading “Two Vital Questions”

Is Everything Subjective?

A closeup picture of two people annotating their Bibles

When I was studying for my undergraduate degree I remember writing a dissertation on the subjectivity of musical meaning. My argument was that the meaning of a piece of music is encapsulated not so much in the sounds we hear, but in the context… Continue Reading “Is Everything Subjective?”

Concerning Sola Scriptura

A Bible on a wooden surface with a blurry background

Those who believe in Sola Scriptura assert that the Bible is the sole infallible rule of faith of the church. Adherents to this idea often site 2 Timothy 3:16 to support this view. The scripture says “All scripture is given by inspiration of God,… Continue Reading “Concerning Sola Scriptura”